Local Producers

Northern Power & Light began when we converted our family facility into the region’s first community hydro project. The tremendous support we experienced illustrated for us a greater need for more authentic choices in the renewable energy space. Our platform is evolving to be that change. Check back here often to learn more about our growing list of partnering facilities.

Azure Mountain Power

Azure Mountain Power, or more affectionately known as "AMP", is our family facility and the region’s first community hydro project. This site on the St Regis River was first dammed in the 1880s by the Brooklyn Cooperage, which made sugar barrels from local timber. Azure Mountain Power operates as a “run of river” site, maintaining river flow around the dam to protect stream ecology, including a downstream trout fishery.

hydro Technology: Hydroelectric
calendar Year Built: 1993
owner Ownership The Smith & Foley Families
utility Utility National Grid
Capacity Capacity: 750kW
homes Homes Powered: 300
C02 Carbon Offset: 1,767 Metric Tons
trees Trees Planted: 29,458